Primary Arena

Children Playing on a Multi Use Games Area at School

Primary Arena is a unique take on the traditional Multi-Use Games Area and has been engineered to maximise schools’ play provision, boost children’s fitness levels and combine physical activity with playful learning.

HAGS-SMP have been designing and installing functional Multi-Use Games Area for more than 20 years and Primary Arena inherits the craftsmanship and proven durability of the UK leading Multisport Arena system.

Keeping classic features such as goal ends and basketball hoops for traditional ball games, HAGS-SMP, with the National Curriculum’s requirements in mind, have added a wide range of activity panels specifically designed for children aged 5 to 1. The activity panels can be used to generate a variety of literacy and math games and encourage children to learn while exercising and having fun. Pupils can play on their own, within a group of friends or during PE classes and break time under the supervision of a teacher.

Primary Arena is also a flexible system with 10 standard configurations tailored to your space and budget. We also offer custom solutions to meet specific needs.

To find out more about Primary Arena, head to HAGS-SMP or contact us to see how we can provide a multi-use games area for your primary school.